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Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS)

Forte Investigations LLC. utilizes Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS) as a dynamic risk/needs assessment system to assess a defendant's risk level. The ORAS offers a spectrum of criminal justice partners the ability to assess an individual's risk/needs at various decision points across the criminal justice system. The ORAS is comprised of the following ten tools:

1) Pre-Trial Tool (PAT)

2) Community Supervision Screening Tool (CSST)

3) Community Supervision Tool (CST)

4) Prison Screening Tool (PST)

5) Prison Intake Tool (PIT)

6) Reentry Tool (RT)

7) Supplemental Reentry Tool (SRT)

8) Misdemeanor Screening Tool (MST)

9) Misdemeanor Assessment Tool (MAT)

10) Static Tool (ST)


Unlike the DOC’s Correctional Offender Management Profiling for Alternative Sanctions (COMPAS) assessment tool, the ORAS is completely transparent and allows the court to review the validated weights of each criteria scored within a given domain. 

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