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Focused Sentencing Memorandum (FSM)

Oftentimes, misdemeanor cases share the same complexities as their felony counterparts. However, the court is denied the information offered in a pre-sentence investigation because the DOC only produces thsese documents for felony matters. The FSM serves to address this issue and supports the court by providing a valuable and accurate report for consideration at sentencing for misdemeanor cases.


The FSM is a "scaled" version of our Alternative Pre-Sentence Investigation. The FSM offers the option to choose three (3) of the following ten (10) major life topic areas to be investigated:

- Criminal History

- Formal Correctional History

- Family Composition & Dynamics

- Emotional/Psych Health

- Physical Health

- Sexual Experience

- Drug/Alcohol Experience

- Education

- Employment

- Military Service

*Other topic areas created by the court can be utilized to meet the needs of a specific case.

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