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Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT)

Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT) is used to increase the public’s safety by adding incremental validity to sex offender risk-assessment, risk-management, and treatment planning decisions made by professionals who provide supervision and specific treatment to convicted sex offenders in a community setting.

Level of Service/Case Management Inv

The Level of Service/ Case Management Inventory (LS/CMI) is a case management tool and an assessment that measures the risk and needs of late adolescent and adult Clients.

Ohio Risk Assessment System

The Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS) is a dynamic risk/needs assessment system to be used with adult offenders.


Veridicus Inc. of San Antonio is recognized as one of the world's leading polygraph academies (November 2017).

VRAG-R Certified

The Violence Risk Appraisal Guide-Revised (VRAG-R) is the innovative update to the most commonly-used actuarial violence risk assessment tool in the world. Designed to estimate the likelihood that a male criminal offender or forensic psychiatric patient will commit a new violent or sexual offense, the VRAG-R produces an estimated recidivism rate for different lengths of follow-up. Replication studies have validated the VRAG's ability to accurately predict violent recidivism.

Static 99R Certified

The Static-99/R is the most widely used sex offender risk assessment instrument in the world.


Since 2009

Pre-Sentence Investigations, Polygraph exams, Behavioral Assessments, Focused Sentencing Memorandum, ATR Investigations

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