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Juvenile Sex Offender Recidivism Risk Assessment Tool-II


The Juvenile Sexual Offense Recidivism Risk Assessment Tool – II (JSORRAT–II) is an actuarial sexual recidivism risk assessment tool designed for male juveniles between ages 12.00 and 17.99 who have been adjudicated guilty for a sexual offense. It is not designed for juveniles younger than age 12 or whose only sexual offending adjudication(s) occurred when the juvenile was less than 12years-old. Offense-related behavior prior to age 12 may be used only if the juvenile was adjudicated guilty for a sexual offense on or after his 12th birth date. Furthermore, the JSORRAT-II has not been validated to provide estimates of risk to sexually reoffend beyond age 18, and consequently, all assessments expire at age 18.  The JSORRAT-II may be used experimentally in any state to tentatively inform treatment, programming, and other similar clinical decisions.  Use of the JSORRAT-II to advise forensic decisions (e.g., registration, community notification, civil commitment) should be limited to states in which it has been validated or is currently being validated (as of October 2009, this included Utah, Iowa, California, and Georgia) until further validation evidence exists, particularly in jurisdictions with different demographic and judicial processes.   The JSORRAT–II is scored based on a juvenile justice case file review, so it is critical that the entire case file be reviewed before scoring the JSORRAT–II.  Use only official documents in the case file as data sources in scoring the JSORRAT–II. Do not use any information gained from sources external to the case file.  Score all items unless there is insufficient data in the file for even a reasonable approximation.  Items that cannot be scored because of missing data should be counted as a zero when computing the total score for the JSORRAT–II.  For items 1 through 6, only sexual offenses for which the juvenile was charged are counted.  Sexual offenses are defined as all sexual offenses by statute and include charges for attempted sexual offenses and conspiracy to commit a sexual offense. 


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