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Forte Investigations LLC. is proud to have been recognized with the Better Business Bureau's 2020 Torch Award for Ethics.

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What We Do

Forté Investigations LLC. is always looking for ways to respond to the diverse needs of Wisconsin's criminal defense attorneys. Services now include the following:

- Alternative Pre-Sentence Investigations: Click Here

- Focused Sentencing Memorandum (FSM): Click Here


Certified to conduct the following assessments: 

- Sex Offense Risk Assessment (STATIC 99-R) with Court Report: Click Here

- Juvenile Sex Offender Recidivism Risk Assessment Tool (JSORRAT-II): Click Here

- Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS): Click Here

- Violence Risk Appraisal Guide (VRAG) Assessment with Court Report: Click Here

- Level of Service/Case Management Inventory (LS/CMI): Click Here

- Public Safety Assessment (PSA):  Click Here


- Have a need not listed? Please Click Here to see if we can help.

Mission Statement

Support Wisconsin's criminal defense attorneys in serving their clients accused of a crime, being sentenced for a criminal conviction, or facing the revocation of community supervision. This is accomplished through an array of services that includes polygraph testing, evidence-based assessments & inventories, and Alternative Pre-Sentence Investigations. All research thoroughly examines a client's personal history, sentencing history, support systems, and mitigating factors which culminate in an individualized and compassionate sentencing recommendation, grounded in restorative justice values.

To learn more about the concepts of Restorative Justice please click on our  logo below:

Restorative Justice
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Pre-Sentence Investigations, Polygraph exams, Behavioral Assessments, Focused Sentencing Memorandum, ATR Investigations

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