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Wisconsin Initial Secure Entry & Release (WISER) Presentation

Forte Investigations LLC. created this three module presentation to prepare the defendant with their friends and family for their first term on incarceration in Wisconsin State Prison. This presentation is designed for persons facing sentencing in cases with mandatory minimum sentencing structures or where there is a high probability of incarceration. 


Module One:

Involves a two hour in-person presentation with Owner Paul Hyland (click here for background information) that reviews the process following sentencing: 1) Dodge Correctional (DCI) Assessment and Evaluation; 2) Assignment to post DCI institution; 3) Programming available; 4) Conflict Resolution with Staff and Inmates; 5) Question and Answer.  If the defendant is in custody pending placement at DCI, this module will be held at that facility. 


Module Two:

Involves a one hour video conference where one or more friends/family will be guided through the process of establishing: 1) Inmate canteen account; 2) Inmate phone account; 3) Inmate visiting forms; 4) Question and Answer. 

Option #1:

Owner Paul Hyland

Forte Investigations LLC. created this 100+ slide PowerPoint presentation with audio narration.  This presentation offer's the sa



In Person Presentation Price: $395.00 - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

First time Incarceration Presentation, WISER

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