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Wisconsin Inmate Support Reference (WISR) Manual

Forte Investigations LLC. created this 100+ page comprehensive information guide for the familiy and friends of persons incarcerated in Wisconsin State Prisons. This guide's usefulness has been confirmed by former inmates who contribute  thier experience to help you. Features:

  • First hand advice from former inmates throughout the guide.

  • Includes information for all WI's maximum, medium, minimum , male, and female institutions. 

  • An A to Z index by topic

PDF Donwnload Version Price: $29.95 - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

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Forte Investigations LLC. created this 100+ slide PowerPoint presentation with audio narration.  This presentation offer's the same content as the PDF version but comes with an indepth explanation of each slide and a 30 minute  phone discussion with Investigator Paul Hyland to address ANY  questions you may have. Also included is a FREE copy of Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul ($14.95 value).


PowerPoint with Audio Version Price: $79.95 - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

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